SekiApp and Oluwadolarz- Freedom to Speed: The Unstoppable Duo 

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“There should be rough days. If you are doing something that is just smooth all through, check yourself.”


On Friday, 28th of October, 2022, SekiApp, a leading crypto exchange company unveiled Olamide Ogunleye –popularly known as Oluwadolarz- as its new brand ambassador. Here, you can learn a lot about Oluwadolarz, what he thinks about digital assets, and SekiApp. Here’s how the conversation with him went:

SekiApp: Can we meet you?

Oluwadolarz: My name is Olamide Ogunleye –popularly known as Oluwadolarz- but my friends call me dolarz. (nickname for a comedian, not the dollars that you know😁). I’m from Ekiti, a Yoruba of course. I’m from a family of five (that includes my mum). I am also the firstborn of my family.

I am a comedian, I do skits; I am also a businessman(I mind my business)😂.  

SekiApp: So, is being a comedian (as you’ve said) what you wanted as a career from time – just like we all say while growing up (doctors, engineers, …)

Oluwadolarz: No! I wanted to be a Lawyer, but I don’t like reading. So, I changed my mind due to some circumstances.

I changed my wishful thinking about my career to “I want to be a mass communicator”. And I started with music (after concluding to be a mass communicator) during my secondary school/university days.

I was a local champion – with fans – in my area during those days. My mum, Tope and Ayomide were my fans; Oyinda didn’t want me to be a musician (she liked other artistes though), in her words “my music isn’t “sweet”.

I decided to go into comedy when people were laughing when I was performing as a singer at a local show then 😃 (I’m singing and people were laughing, let me just venture into comedy).

Source: SekiApp

SekiApp: So, how has comedy life been so far? Do you enjoy it? Has it been so smooth or it has been rough on some days?

Oluwadolarz: Of course, there should be rough days. If you are doing something that is just smooth all through, check yourself.

I can’t say comedy is easy (my colleagues go change am for me😁), and the industry is getting saturated but I don’t see anyone as a competitor because the sky is big enough for everyone. The major thing is that “comedy isn’t a game, it’s hard work. It takes a very smart person to make someone laugh.” And the bar gets high every day; what’s funny today might cease to be funny to people next week because other content might have outshined it.

SekiApp: You said you’re a businessman, what other type of business do you do asides from comedy?

Oluwadolarz: Yes! I do mind my business😂 and I drink water.

SekiApp: How does that give you money?

Oluwadolarz: It reduces “billing” 😂

SekiApp: Do you prefer moving with cash or do you like doing cashless transactions?

Oluwadolarz: I don’t do Cash-I don’t move with cash anymore (and I will never do it again).

SekiApp: Is there a reason for that?

Oluwadolarz: A lot of people have their reason but the reason for mine is that I am a spendthrift—I just want to buy things and enjoy my life. I also don’t know how to say “no” to billings. So, if I have cash on me, imagine what will happen every time. I might have spent 100k and won’t realize while using cash; doing the same with digital platforms won’t sit well with me because I can see it and realize that I have spent a lot.

SekiApp: That’s fine. So, have you heard about digital assets —crypto, gift cards and the likes?

Oluwadolarz: Yes! I know about them. The likes of bitcoin and others

SekiApp: Yes! So, what’s your experience with digital assets?

Oluwadolarz: It’s a good thing. It allows you to accrue interest on your money and I like everything about it.

Source: SekiApp

SekiApp: So, what do you think about SekiApp?

Oluwadolarz: Just one word: smooth. Just like the tagline “powered by freedom”, it gives people the freedom to do whatever they like with their money and still allows them to cut costs while doing so, especially with the ‘username and free transfer’ feature.

SekiApp: Good! So, being a celebrity, would you say you were happier now than before you became one?

Oluwadolarz: That’s a very good question.  “you blow or you no blow, you go still get problem now.” Asides from the money part, I kind of like when I wasn’t a celebrity. I could stroll out to buy Akara and bread without anybody noticing me. I could enter any store and haggle the price of anything I want to buy without feeling a sense of shame. But that isn’t the case anymore.

SekiApp: So far in your career, who has been your greatest support?

Oluwadolarz: It’s my mum. In fact, she inspires me a lot

SekiApp: If you have an opportunity to “Japa” (travel abroad), will you stay there or come back to Nigeria?

Oluwadolarz: If it’s one that doesn’t allow me to go with my family, I will come back—I work with my family. What I realise is that a lot of people travelling abroad do so probably because of a perceived peace of mind, but most of them are still suffering.

If I am also allowed to “Japa” with my family, I won’t still go. I can probably just go and enjoy myself and come back. There’s no place like home.

SekiApp: What do you think about this common idea of people travelling abroad without informing their friends (even if they met a day before the departure)?

Oluwadolarz:  It’s actually dangerous to do that. If you do that, you might be a victim of fraudsters that clone your pages and use an international number to clone your details and all, when people now realise that you’ve travelled abroad, they will now start “billing” your close friends with your cloned details saying that you’re in one problem or the other.

SekiApp: Any last words for your fans out there?

Source: SekiApp

Oluwadolarz: Shout out to SekiApp. To my fans and everyone out there, store, sell and buy your digital assets on SekiApp. It’s fast and easy.

We didn’t want the conversation to end as it was edutaining. As Oluwadolarz has advised, avoid “billing” and go digital. Exchange your money for digital assets using SekiApp to enjoy a fast and easy trading experience.

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