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From Crypto Whiz to Polo Patron: Sam Aiyesoro, SekiApp’s CPM, Saddles Up with AR Polo Ibadan

In the world of business and sports, some individuals are born with the innate ability to lead, to innovate, and to push the boundaries of what is possible. Sam Aiyesoro, with his sharp mind for

SekiApp Powers AR Polo to Victory in the 2023 NPA Tournament

Source: SekiApp As the sun sets over the horizon and the air fills with the sound of thundering hooves, the world comes to a standstill, and all eyes are drawn to the field. It's not

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bitcoin’s Long-Term Potential

Source: SekiApp From Bitcoin Bulls to Skeptics - Here's Why We Believe in the Crypto Game Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making waves in the financial world in recent years. However, the volatility of

Crypto Swap Simplified: The Ultimate SekiApp Guide for a Smooth Crypto Journey

Source: SekiApp Introduction Ever felt like you need a secret decoder ring to navigate the world of cryptocurrency swapping? Well, worry no more! SekiApp is here to turn your crypto-swapping experience from a tangled mess

Crypto Security Showdown: How SekiApp Stands Out and How to Secure Your Account

Source: SekiApp Introduction Ever wondered how secure your cryptocurrency really is? Well, you're not alone! With SekiApp version 2.0, you can rest easy knowing your account is locked down tight. But, to truly unleash its

Naija, Get Ready for a Crypto Experience Like Never Before: Introducing SekiApp 2.0! 🚀💥

Source: SekiApp My People, Are you set for a thrilling and super fun crypto adventure? Buckle up, because we're about to start a fantastic journey! Welcome to SekiApp 2.0 - our new and improved crypto

Crypto 101: The Basic Understanding of Cryptocurrency

Source: SekiApp At the mention of crypto, what comes to your mind? another hard field just like rocket science or a regular topic that’s as simple as ABC. This blog post is here to meet

Evolution of Money: Barter to Digital

Source: SekiApp Nobody, including you and I, hears about Money (Kudi, Ego, Owo) and won’t get moved, because of how critical it is to our lives. Over time, Money has shown to not only be

6 Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

Source: SekiApp The festive season (Christmas and New year) comes with a lot of planning and “stress” -so to say- and at the same time, people see the time as one to express love and

What Is the Best Bitcoin Wallet for Beginners?

Source: SekiApp If you’re new to the crypto space, you might find a lot of things overwhelming- what it is about, where to get started, how it works, the type of cryptocurrencies, how many crypto