Ibadan Laughs Loud as SekiApp Celebrates “A Full at Forty” with Mc Olympia!

Source: SekiApp

Laughter filled the air of Ibadan on the 7th of January, 2024 as SekiApp, the Nigerian crypto exchange powered by freedom and speed, partnered with legendary comedian Mc Olympia for “A Full at Forty,” a hilarious event celebrating life’s second chapter. With side-splitting comedy acts, exciting giveaways, and a sneak peek into everything SekiApp offers, the evening was a resounding success, leaving smiles on faces and excitement for the future.

Beyond the infectious laughter of top Ibadan comedians and celebrities, “A Full at Forty” offered a taste of SekiApp’s diverse world of financial freedom. Attendees explored the app’s intuitive interface, learning how to buy, sell, swap, and store cryptocurrencies effortlessly. They discovered the convenience of selling gift cards within the app, and saw firsthand how SekiApp simplifies bill payments with its affordable and user-friendly options.

“We at SekiApp believe laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to celebrate life’s milestones than with good company and the power of money?” shared Adedayo, Marketing Lead at SekiApp. “Through ‘A Full at Forty,’ we aimed to show Ibadan how SekiApp empowers individuals to take control of their finances, all while enjoying moments of pure joy,” he added.

The highlight of the evening was the giveaway section, where lucky attendees walked away with SekiApp merchandise and free money (that can be used to purchase 17+ cryptocurrencies) to kickstart their financial journey with the app. The excitement was palpable as Mc Olympia, with his signature wit and charm, led the audience through an evening of unforgettable fun and financial empowerment.

Source: SekiApp

The success of “A Full at Forty” cements SekiApp’s commitment to enriching the lives of its users beyond just financial services. By collaborating with local talents and creating engaging events, SekiApp aims to foster a community of laughter, support, and financial savvy. As the buzz from the event continues, one thing is clear: Ibadan has embraced SekiApp, and the future of finance in the city looks bright – and full of laughter.

About SekiApp:

SekiApp is a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange that empowers individuals to take control of their money. Offering a range of secure and convenient services, including cryptocurrency trading, gift card trading, and hassle-free bill payments. SekiApp simplifies your financial life and opens the door to a world of opportunity. Download SekiApp today and experience the future of finance, one laugh, and one tap at a time.

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