SekiApp Takes the Field at NYSC Camp: Encouraging Youths and Giving Back through Sports

Empowering Nigerian Youths: SekiApp’s Day of Sports and Solidarity at NYSC Camp

Source: SekiApp

Friday, May 3rd, 2024 was a fitness-focused-physical and financial- day for SekiApp, as we weren’t just on the sidelines but actively involved in a sports event.  we hit up the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp at Iseyin, Oyo State, for a fun-filled sports day extravaganza.

The day was packed with action, with corps members competing in Football, Volleyball, and both Men’s and Women’s Athletics. It was a fantastic display of sportsmanship and solidarity.

Source: SekiApp

SekiApp’s Impact on Society (CSR): Encouraging Youths and Giving Back through Sports

But SekiApp wasn’t there just for the games! Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) shone through as we actively contributed to youth empowerment.

First, second, and third place platoons received cash prizes, presented by our staff members who were ably led by Head of Marketing, Adedayo Adeniyi. Jerseys were also presented to the NYSC staff to show support for future sporting activities.

The celebration didn’t stop there! A raffle draw was held to include even more corp members in the festivities, with lucky winners walking away with prizes.

Source: SekiApp

Passing the Message of Accessible Financial Growth Regardless of Paycheck through SekiApp

The true prize SekiApp offered, however, went beyond trophies and jerseys. It was knowledge. We shared the message that even a small salary can be the seed for growth in the digital asset market. Whether it’s a portion of your monthly NYSC allowance or a part of your regular salary, SekiApp empowers you to participate.

SekiApp understands that young people are at the forefront of digital asset trading, but we also recognize that not everyone has entered the world of crypto and gift cards. That’s why we were there – to bridge the gap.

We shared stories of how starting small can lead to significant gains, and how SekiApp can be the perfect partner on this journey.  An explanation of how corps members can get rewarded through referrals via SekiPoints (SKP), trade cryptocurrencies, and more was also made clear.


SekiApp’s NYSC Sports Day sponsorship wasn’t just about the games but about empowering young people to take charge of their financial futures.

We hope to continue to contribute our quota to fitness-both physically and financially, and this is such a good start.

You can also join the movement and make the most of your finances by registering on SekiApp today via Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

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