Introducing SekiApp Virtual Card: Your Gateway to Secure Online Payment

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Finding a payment card that works seamlessly for cross-border transactions in Nigeria can be challenging. Many solutions have been attempted, but not all have been effective. To address this issue, SekiApp, a leader in digital finance innovation, is excited to introduce its latest product: the SekiApp Virtual Card. This new virtual card fits seamlessly into your existing spending habits and simplifies online payments, offering users better control, security, and convenience.

Why Choose the SekiApp Virtual Card?

With the SekiApp Virtual Card, users can eliminate the hassle of physical cards and unreliable payment options. This solution makes online transactions secure and straightforward, providing peace of mind with every purchase.

Key Features of the SekiApp Virtual Card

Enhanced Control and Security

Our virtual card includes advanced security features that protect your transactions from fraud and unauthorized access. You can also use the freeze feature to make the card inaccessible when not in use.

Simplified Online Payments

Say goodbye to physical cards and embrace the ease of virtual payments. The SekiApp Virtual Card makes online transactions simple and efficient.

Budgeting Tools

Manage your finances effectively with our budgeting tools, helping you control your spending and maintain financial stability.

Access to Visa and Mastercard

Easily access both Visa and Mastercard networks within the SekiApp ecosystem, giving you flexibility in your payment options.

Funding with Naira and Digital Assets

Fund your virtual card with both Naira and digital assets, providing you with more flexibility in managing your finances. We offer 26 funding options to suit your needs.

Higher Spending Limits

Enjoy the freedom to spend above the standard limits- significantly above what is known as the standard for other cards- with our expanded daily limits of $10,000.

Multiple Card Creation

Create multiple virtual cards to manage different expenses and budgets effortlessly. Each card can be customized and tracked separately. You can name each card for its specific purpose, such as travel, subscriptions, and shopping. Each card has its unique transaction history.

Zero Transaction and Maintenance Fees

Spend without worrying about transaction and maintenance fees. Break free from the traditional style and spend without the worries of unnecessary deductions.

Competitive Rates

We offer a $2 card creation fee and a competitive card funding rate. Our FX rate is favorable and adjusts with market changes.

Experience Simple, Secure Online Payments

Experience the ease and security of online payments with the SekiApp Virtual Card. Whether you’re managing multiple budgets, looking for enhanced security, or seeking the convenience of virtual transactions, SekiApp has you covered. Try the SekiApp Virtual Card today and simplify your finances.

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