SekiApp: Introducing the New Tier Level System

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SekiApp unveils “tier level system” on its indigenous crypto exchange platform.

It’s no secret that people don’t joke about their money when it comes to security. As a result of making you aware of our commitment to your cash’s safety, SekiApp has introduced its tier system. And with it, you are surely guaranteed that your money is always secured -like a bank’s vault- on SekiApp

Paul, the COO said “in order to keep giving our customers the best, it is right to keep adding new features to our indigenous crypto exchange platform. One of such feature is the new Tier Level System that we just added to SekiApp. It is a very fantastic idea that not only secures the money of our customers but also makes us know them better to give them bespoke services.”

To make sure everything is organised, there are different tier levels, starting from “Tier 0” 

Tier 0: 

This is the lowest of all tiers. You belong to this level automatically once you register on SekiApp. You have access to every feature on the app, but its use might have some limitations. The full description of Tier 0 is as follows;

  • Buy Crypto Limit: 0$ 
  • Bill Limit: N0
  • Naira Sending Limit: N0
  • Crypto Sending Limit: $0
  • Deposit Limit: N0
  • Withdrawal Limit: N2,000,000

To upgrade and move to a new tier level, complete your KYC Registration. 

Tier 1: 

This is the next tier level on SekiApp. After completing your KYC registration in tier 0, you levitate to Tier 1. Here, you have access to all the features of the app, but the limit is extended. The full description of Tier 1 is as follows;

  • Buy Crypto Limit: $1,000
  • Bill Limit: N30,000
  • Naira Sending Limit: N100,000
  • Crypto Sending Limit: $1,000
  • Deposit Limit: N300,000
  • Withdrawal Limit: 10,000,000

To upgrade and move to a higher tier level, you need to upload a means of identification.

Tier 2: 

This tier level is the peak of the tier system. After providing the necessary documents you are required to upload in Tier 1, you will be elevated to tier 2. You have the luxury of enjoying the following features: 

  • Buy Crypto Limit: $5,000
  • Bill Limit: N100,000
  • Naira Sending Limit: N500,000
  • Crypto Sending Limit: $3,000
  • Deposit Limit: N1,000,000
  • Withdrawal Limit: N50,000,000

NB: Note that the limits listed in each tier level are daily limits, and not a limit for all the transactions you can perform on SekiApp.

Now that you know what the tier system is all about and the benefits you stand to gain by moving up the ladder, hurry and complete the necessary requirements to stand the chance of increasing your limits. We are still committed to giving you more!

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