SekiApp Lights Up the Inaugural Ibadan Tech Expo with Innovation and Engagement

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September 9, 2023, marked a unique day on the calendar. We found ourselves at the iconic International Conference Centre in Ibadan, but this wasn’t just another day at the office. It was the Ibadan Tech Expo, where geeks, tech gurus, and aspiring moguls came together. No suits, no ties—just tech magic in the air.

Now, let’s talk stars—not the cosmic kind, but the tech maestros who make it all look like a piece of cake. It was a gathering of brilliant minds, where the curious meet the creators. And guess what? SekiApp took center stage, capturing everyone’s attention!

But wait, there’s more excitement coming your way. 😉

SekiApp: Pioneering the Charge

At the heart of this remarkable event was the unwavering support of over 1,000 volunteers and an impressive lineup of 72 sponsors, with SekiApp shining brightly in the spotlight. Hon. Balogun Danjuma, the visionary force behind the Ibadan Tech Expo, unveiled an ambitious 10-year plan, underscoring a steadfast commitment to nurturing the local tech ecosystem.

SekiApp: Elevating Engagement

SekiApp’s presence wasn’t just about attendance; it was about creating an interactive experience. Here’s how we turned the Ibadan Tech Expo into an interactive playground:

Presentation: Sanmi Abiodun, our rockstar from SekiApp, took the spotlight with a live video presentation that was off the charts! He dished out the deets on SekiApp, giving a shoutout to the Swap feature, rock-solid USDT rates, and the ultra-easy One Link QR code scan. Sanmi didn’t stop there! He unleashed the full potential of SekiApp – from trading in cryptocurrency to swapping gift cards and paying bills, all from the comfort of your couch. Oh, and let’s not forget about SekiApp Points (SKPs) – he gave that the spotlight it deserved! Plus, he spilled the beans on our killer referral system, showcasing the epic earning opportunities and rewards.

Sanmi Abiodun During His Live Presentation; Source: SekiApp

Spin and Win: We took things up a notch with a Spin and Win game. It was a whirlwind of excitement as attendees spun the wheel of fortune for a shot at prizes that ranged from $2 in BTC to 5000 Naira and beyond. Who knew spinning a wheel could be this electrifying?

Spin and Win Session; Source: SekiApp

Engaging Influencers: We know the influencers bring the hype, and we wanted them to score big. So, we gave them a sneak peek at the potential of SekiApp, turning their influence into some serious earnings. It’s not just about followers; it’s about stacking up those rewards.

Source: SekiApp

Cross-Networking: The Ibadan Tech Expo wasn’t just about one tech wizard; it was a whole galaxy of them. And we made it our mission to make sure everyone’s hustle got the spotlight. We opened doors for tech pros to collaborate, network, and take their businesses to the next level. It’s about rising together, and that’s how we roll.

Source: SekiApp

Catalyzing Collaboration and Growth

The Ibadan Tech Expo isn’t just an event; it’s a movement. It aspires to forge connections, inspire innovation, and fuel growth within Ibadan’s tech ecosystem. By uniting diverse professionals and stakeholders, the expo provided a fertile ground for meaningful interactions and invaluable learning experiences.

In every sense, SekiApp illuminated the Ibadan Tech Expo, leaving an indelible mark on an event that will undoubtedly shape the future of technology in Ibadan. With innovation, engagement, and empowerment at its core, SekiApp continues to be a trailblazer in the tech landscape.

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