Empowering Your Experience: SekiApp Elevates Support with AI-Powered Intercom Platform!

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Real-time support at its peak just arrived as SekiApp transitions from your regular support platform to an AI-powered platform to serve users better. 

As the world moves, we need to move with it to avoid getting left behind. That’s why SekiApp is switching to Intercom, an AI-powered support platform that makes attending to your needs a breeze. 

What’s Different?

The AI, just kidding. There are numerous new features compared to the former chat support, all designed to better cater to your needs. These include:


This option is labeled “search for help” and can be found on the app/website after clicking on the talk to support/Intercom icon. It functions as the FAQ section of the chat support, requiring you to input specific keywords for accurate results.

Chat Support:

This is the “send us a message” section, allowing you to type your inquiries when you need to connect directly with our customer support agents.


Positioned just above “send us a message,” this is a comprehensive alternative to “search for help.” You don’t need to remember specific keywords, as every topic is listed under different categories. It functions like a library of resources covering digital assets and SekiApp.


As the name suggests, “messages” is where you find the conversations you’ve had. You don’t need to start a new chat when you want to continue a conversation. You can review the messages our support agent left for you and pick up where you left off.

How Can These Elevate My Support Experience As a Customer?

Save Time:

The “search for help” and “help” features act as self-support options, enabling you to get ahead and save time. They provide details that you might have had to wait for a support agent to furnish you with.


The “messages” feature helps you document your progress in obtaining answers, even if you temporarily stepped away. This ensures continuity and prevents redundant queries when a new agent attends to you on SekiApp.


Customer support is a pivotal aspect of crypto trading, and SekiApp prioritizes addressing your needs at every step of the journey. Hence, the shift to the new Intercom chatting platform. Whether you prefer engaging with an agent for answers or opt for self-support due to time constraints, the platform is poised to meet your needs. Check it out now!

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